Our cafe name is Smelly Cat Cafe & Bar, and we made a huge Central Perk Store with a Central Perk trademark - it is registered by us. Photo credit to Alabanza

Episode 02 The Last One….Not Yet.


Rachel: “So shall we all get a cup of coffee?”

Chandler: “Sure..Where?”

An impromptu dialogue Chandler added even in the last few minutes of the show now became a reality for Smelly Cat Cafe & Bar, Guangzhou, that is now in moving to mitigate rising costs.

I have decided to write down those stories that our customers shared with me in the last few weeks before it was closed.

Here is the first story.

A few days ago, one of our customers/friends dropped by our cafe with her partner. They were here to bring me an exciting news: they were going to get married, and our new shop would be their wedding spot.

I couldn’t feel happier for the lovely couple, especially being a witness of their bitter sweet journey of love for the past 8 years.

I still remembered the day we met in our cafe 8 years ago. We had a long conversation until the shop was closed. She told me she had encountered some troubles in her relationship. She and her boyfriend started dating in high school. After graduated from college, the boy moved to Guangzhou to start his career. Finding herself not able to stand this long-distance relationship, the girl left her hometown, came here to reunited with her boyfriend and pursued her master’s degree. Everything was going well except one problem: her father wasn’t too fond of her boyfriend because he thought his daughter was out of the boy’s league.

But they didn’t give up on their relationship. The 8 years of endurance and perseverance eventually paid off, as she was telling me, her and her then-boyfriend-now-husband decided to build a family with blessing from her dad.

I wish all the best to the couple in the years to come. It always feels therapeutic to see a thorny story turned out having a happy ending here at Smelly Cat Cafe & Bar.

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