Episode 03 The One with the Birth of “Gunther”

Episode 03 The One with the Birth of “Gunther”


The moving is still happening. So are stories from our customers.

Here it is the second one.

A young lady who always visits our Guangzhou store together with her two dogs, has become one of our best friends lately.  Every time she visited us, before Anze takes her order, she would be helping out by offering our consumers snacks or sitting people in already.

Hearing the news that we are moving away she had tears in her eyes. She told me that she and her husband see Central Perk as their home and the stuff here as their families.

"I feel a sense of security here," she always says. "I don't need to worry about my kindness being mistakenly judged or people I helped out with becoming ungrateful or turning their backs on me, like what happened to me before.”

Her words remind me of how I “became” Gunther of the coffee house in the first place.

I’m the type of person who wants to live in their dream by doing whatever it takes. I love FRIENDS, the show, of course. The show is a shelter to me when life is hard. So I want to live in the show to not only make a living but also to offer a place where people who love the show as much as I do can be amazed, entertained, and comforted by “living” in the show for a moment. 

This is not an easy path for me even though everything was in a blueprint waiting to be carried out. There have always had voices of question, scrutinizing, and unfair judgement going on while I’m making things happened. I Was hurt in the beginning. However, I have learnt to ignore them and managed to do this better. As a small business owner,  I understand what and how it takes to make your products, and your services work for the customers, in addition to being a fan of the show and serving more fans. 

Actually, too many people are bothered with how others look at them. We may always run into people that are not understanding or empathetic, and all we need to do is to stay away from them, instead of trying to change or control how they think. How to proceed and understand a matter or a person is always people's freedom, also highly influenced by everything they have been through in their lives, which is totally beyond our control.  The only constant in life is change; that being said, being able to do well in what's controllable in our lives is already such a blessing and a huge achievement that we should all be grateful and happy about.

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