Built by fans and friends, Goes to fans and friends

Smelly Cat Cafe&Bar Entrance Logo in Shenzhen

Welcome to Smelly Cat Cafe & Bar, where is built and run by a group of fans of a world’s renowned TV sitcoms, FRIENDS, who want to live in the real world with friends forever.

It started with one man, called himself Gunther, with a simple yet personal idea - to live in his favorite show forever - has now become a fulfilled dream for many fans of the show in which they can enjoy great food and atmosphere with their friends (who sometimes happened to be fans of the show), just like the experiences of the characters - now virtual friends to many fans - in the show. 

As more than a decade in building and making, Smelly Cat Cafe & Bar has spearheaded to bring the coffeehouse of the show in the real world frame by frame with a mix of creativity and ingenuity for the fun of its hiders and finders-alike. 



Dated back to early 2010s, before the release of a HD version of the show, FRIENDS, Gunther